Candid Noons are delectable cacao bites crafted to be the perfect midday snack. Award-winning cacao. Organic fruits. Healthy superfoods. No refined sugars or weird sweeteners: just clean ingredients that come together for a new take on afternoons.


About the Maker: Candid stands for transparency and environmental justice. They work directly with small-holder farmers in Latin America that use regenerative agroforestry techniques to grow award-winning cacao. Packaged in a recyclable carton box and a compostable inner-pack instead of using plastic. They're committed to building a business that prioritizes the environment at every point in the value chain.


We stripped away added sugars, emulsifiers, and other weird ingredients. Instead we use the whole cacao pod—seed and fruit—to let chocolate’s inner-beauty shine.

Noons - Cacao & Quinoa Crispies

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    Ingredients: Cacao, Organic Quinoa, Cocoa Butter, Organic Coconut Sugar, Cacao Pulp, Sea Salt