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  • How do i work out my size?
    Please check our size chart or contact us ( we're always more than happy to help )
  • Can i return my garments?
    Please check our policy page before any purchase.
  • Can you change sizes or make it in a different fabric?
    Yes! Please check out our bespoke service.
  • Do you have a coupon code?
    No. We strongly believe our prices should never change. Craftmanship should never be discounted :)
  • Have a question?
    Contact us via


We believe in transparency and showing you where your money is really going. Fast fashion giants have changed the way we look at craft in fashion and we're so excited to see it starting to shift. Lets buy responsibly and learn to look after / mend our clothes so they can truly last us. This will keep your cost per wear down and be able to invest in businesses that are truly here to help the planet.

What goes in to my garment?

  • Pattern designing / grading takes weeks upon weeks + trail and error using different toiles and models to get these right

  • Sourcing fabrics. Making sure we are buying correctly and the most sustainably. We also take time to find vintage fabrics which is no easy feat

  • Cutting the pattern 1+ hour depending on the garment

  • Sewing, depending on the garment this can take from 4 - 8 hours

  • Finishing, loose threads and steaming 1 hour

  • Photography / shoots / editing 3 hours

  • Website Listing

  • Packing

  • Posting

How do we add up the cost?

Firstly we want to say that our prices will never change. Our pricing is a true reflection of the product, we cannot afford to go lower to compete. However we will adjust garment prices if we source cheaper fabric or time that has gone in to making it.

Fabric original cost + minimum wage of the garment sewing hours.

So how come other shops are cheaper? They can afford to buy in bulk / not use sustainable fabrics, blends, dangerous chemicals etc / someone somewhere isn't getting paid. 

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