These beautifully seagrass woven Bai Nhat Baskets in three sizes can store any item in any room - but most of all they are gorgeous decoration pieces. The strength of these baskets is amazing, thanks to weaving techniques that Viet Nam is famous for. The baskets have a beautiful see-through pattern and the soft cinnamon tone matches any interior or exterior space.If you're not using them just stack them away within each other - almost no space needed. Seagrass lives in the coastal waters in most of the continents. Seagrass is unique because it is the only flowering plant that can live underwater. Dried seagrass makes beautiful furniture. Seagrass furniture is woven by hand, while the plants are still green. Because the seagrass dries, the furniture will lose the green color, become firm and ready to use. 26 - 35 - 45cm26 - 35 - 45cm15 - 20 - 24cm

The Bai Nhat Basket - Natural - Set of 3